Socks the Cat v. Clinton in the White House

Talk about soccer moms will pale in comparison to the pet lover's lobby. It is an untapped political steamroller.

So our new Clinton candidate took poor little Socks the Cat and got rid of her after she served no more political purpose. That poor cat. When people determine character, it is the treatment of their pets that they look at. Among other things.

What would it have taken to just keep the cat? Hillary needs to answer this. I'm sure many of you are laughing now, but just wait.


Fuzz said...

And people wonder why I am cynical about politicians.

The Lazy Iguana said...

Socks The Cat probably pissed on some historic stuff.

They did not just dump Socks on the street. Socks went to live with a staffer. The cat was pretty old and they thought it was best for it to not have to make another long move.

Or something like that.

If I ever run for President, I will represent my State by getting a pet alligator. I will name it "Wally" and it will live in a moat I have dug around the White House.

The Frank Family said...

Didn't Bill have some sort of problem with a staffer and a "cat" already?! Oh no... that was an intern. It's only fair that Hillary would have cat problems too.