Two Hundred Houses for Sale in Petworth

The decline and fall of real estate investors is a boon to anybody looking to buy a house for the price of a condo.

The Petworth market is taking a real hit right now because of the foreclosures. There are about two hundred of them. But keep in mind the huge mall that is opening at 14th & Irving is going to have a cascading uplift to properties north of Columbia Heights. And the huge redevelopment of Georgia Avenue and Sherman Avenue from Howard University to the Georgia Avenue Green Line stop will only enhance that.

Check it out! The lawns are nice and you can still own a home for less than the price of a condo. And that includes a yard. Any Realtor should be able to help you locate something.

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The Lazy Iguana said...

In Miami, homes are not dropping in value enough. Condos are starting to come down. But again - not enough.

Stuff is still crazy expensive here.

You ought to buy some properties and rent em. People will pay your mortgage.

And then later you can sell. The trick here is to time it so that you buy at the lowest point.

Feel like a speculator?