Castro Won't Hold On to Power?!?!?

You're one hundred years old, bud! What do you MEAN you won't cling to power? Are you going to wait until you're middle-aged? When will that be? When you're 150 years old?

This guy is too hysterical. He is the architect of the parasite state, only the host he was feeding off of died.

But, to be fair, Castro did throw the pimps and drug dealers out of Cuba. So they could move to Miami and bless our shores. I am by no means a sympathizer with these rabid Cuban expatriates, as you can probably tell. So you were thrown out of Cuba. So what. How many other people came here with nothing? Do you see them buying airplanes and trying to create their own armies? Grow up.

And the literacy rate in Cuba is higher than in the U.S. And THEY have universal health care. What's our excuse?

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