What Guiliani Can Learn From Castro

The power of humility. Recently asked about the most influential person in the world, Guiliani said that he was that person. Does he have any idea of how he sounds when he says that? I guess that sort of bragging appeals to the NYC voter.

Now listen to the Castro rhetoric:

' "My elemental duty is not to cling to positions, or even less to obstruct the path of younger people, but to share experiences and ideas whose modest worth comes from the exceptional era in which I lived," Castro wrote in the final paragraph of a lengthy letter discussing the Bali summit on global warming. ' See MSNBC article linked to title of this post.

"I promise that I will be with you, if you so wish, for as long as I feel that I can be useful — and if it is not decided by nature before — not a minute less and not a second more," he said at the time. "Now I understand that it was not my destiny to rest at the end of my life."

Doesn't he make hanging on by his fingernails sound so noble? His power-lust is framed in terms of ideas of modest worth, crediting the exceptional era he lived in rather than himself. There's a lot to learn here.

It was not his destiny to rest at the end of his life? Poor guy. He is forced to be the tired leader of the country until his last breath. How he suffers!

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