Destroyed CIA Tapes and the Evil Truth

Nancy Pelosi was briefed on the use of torture and OK'd it. So now hearings are being held because CIA videotapes of waterboarding were destroyed. Granted, it probably was a crime. But destroying tapes is not the real issue here. It is Nancy Pelosi's lack of courageous leadership in a time of national crisis.

So Nancy Pelosi has feet of clay because she knew of the detainee abuses and tacitly endorsed them. That's why the Democrats have been lying down on the issue of torture.

They feel they can redeem themselves by screaming and moaning about some tapes being destroyed. How about the failure to uphold the Constitution? How about being a real leader and saying "This is not acceptable."

Speaker Pelosi's claims that she did not know waterboarding was actually being done instead of being talked about are ridiculous. As soon as you hear the mention of a torture technique created during the Inquisition, you should object to any prospect of its use. Why were they talking about it to begin with, anyway? Because they were intending to use it.

Nancy Pelosi, I am ashamed and disgusted by you.

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