It Takes More Than Divorce To Create a Hooker

Linked to this post is the People magazine article on Ashley Alexandra Dupre. Read it. Absorb it. I'm no expert on the causes of prostitution, however it seems to me that it takes more than divorce to create a hooker. Enough said on that front.

Who are these 'friends' that are quoted in the article? I know that Ms. Dupre has been complaining that people in her old school are trying to cash in on her "media moment." Do they have permission to speak to People magazine on behalf of Ms. Dupre? My guess is not.

Then do any of you ever wonder what your high school classmates would do if you were caught up in a sex scandal? Ugh.

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Michael said...

I usually don't agree with you, but I think you're spot-on about Dupre and Gov Spitzer.

Interesting posts, and a good question at the end, about what we or our friends would do.