Katrina and the Housing Crisis - A Conservative Philosophy

The disasters of Federal policy seen in the handling of Hurricane Katrina and the mortgage crisis have one common origin: the faulty belief that there is no Federal role in the national affairs of the United States. It's time to admit it. There are issues that are too big to be left to one state or the short-sighted greed of our financial community to manage.

The Bush Administration's "let the state handle it" philosophy did so poorly by the residents of New Orleans that even third world survivors of a tsunami felt bad for them.

Now the stability of our nation's economy is in jeopardy because we had a Fed Chairman, Alan Greenspan, who believed in the same limited role of government. Coupled with a President content to experiment with state's rights at the expense of our poorest residents, and these disasters are the result.

Have we had enough of "I believe in the free market" and "I believe in state's rights" as an excuse for greed and inaction? Probably not. Because as soon as their interests are hurt, people will find a sincere big-government liberal in their souls.

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