America: Mosque or Mausoleum?

This is some kid out of Texas who is starting to sound like he is going to run for office one day. His earlier videos on YouTube weren't nearly as well thought out or articulated.

The Amazing Atheist, his YouTube moniker, defends the Ground Zero Mosque. He takes another opportunity to mock Christians along the way.

His passionate defense of liberty and freedom of speech is something I really haven't heard since September 11th. Somehow everybody, including mainstream media, has shifted their idea of America and what it means from liberty and freedom of speech to xenophobia and paranoia. Along the way, public acceptance of torture entered the picture. All out of fear.

It is such a relief to hear a young person actually believe in liberty and the original values that made America great.

"Sometimes the assholes win." sums up the Amazing Atheist. "They are allowed to. Because this is America."

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