Why Passive House Standard Not Catching on in US

Farts. That's the first thing I think when I hear about the perfectly sealed exterior of a passive house. The goal of reducing energy consumption by 90% is fine, as far as it goes. But if every crevice is sealed and there is no air going in or out at all, then farts will hang in the air forever.

Passive house building is getting big in Europe, where there is a whole industry now. It would be just like our European friends to ignore matters of such import. They don't shave their underarms for God's sake. Why would they care about a big stinkie in the living room for the next six months?

Someone needs to demand an answer to this question. What a great project for the Senate: to hold hearings on the impact of a big fart on the passive house building industry. There might even be indictments. But, knowing this Congress, they probably couldn't agree that farts smell bad.

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aristokronk anarkiss said...

wouldnt have to worry about farts if we had a sustainable food supply. even vegetarian foods are industrial processed.. but, the c.i.a. always helps exxon mobil and chevron destroy the farmland even in south america where the u.s. refuses to invest in trade boats becuz we are subjected to the repressive nature of genetically modified falseity that one day will be our future leprosy..stop the genetically modified financiers of bogus salmon.. celebrate the fart of real salmon.. even though it dont stink cuz its the best protein left inth world