Obama's Not A Moral Coward - He's Just a Politician

President Obama is not a moral coward, as Jacob Weisberg article in Slate is alleging. He is just a politician.

Where do we get these insane expectations for politicians, and specifically President Obama? He isn't the risen Christ. He's a politician. He isn't going to take a step where he doesn't feel he has the majority behind him.

Already President Obama is dealing with a financial crisis brought on by the idiocy and neglect of the former President Bush. Granted, I am not thrilled by how he and his advisers allowed the people who brought on the mess to not only get rescued, but to profit from the bailout as well. My guess is neither is he.

So in addition to trying to dig our economy out of it epic mess, people are expecting President Obama to take on all manner of social issues and steer our citizenry to the left before most of us are ready for it. And you thought the Tea Party crowd was mad now. Just wait until their worst fears are realized.

President Obama is a strategic guy. He isn't going to put his neck out there unless there will be some ground to be gained by it. But just like he did for health care reform, he's got a plan. You just don't know it yet.

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aristokronk anarkiss said...

he conspires to get re-elected applying for more stimulus money. he drinks alcohol and smokes chemical laced cigarettes that kill his appetite. he doesnt even know where advanced jobs come from. or the jobs based off the modern advanced discoveries our govt financed through research and development. but, when your constituent base destroyed thier brains on crack and malt liqour we get job creation from the hoover and roosevelt era... its obvious he studies the rhetoric of f.d.r. when trying to pull the wool over the eyes of certain age groups..as far as "moral coward",. he is a moral coward. his loyalist would get mad if he took the high road.