Ann Coulter: The Travails of a Right-Wing Nut Job

Ann Coulter made the mistake a few months ago of not being as rabidly anti-gay as her fans. After her speech to conservative gay Republicans, Ann Coulter has been flailing around trying to regain her past status as the go-to person for right-wing nut jobs. You can see how displeased they were by the extent she is anti-gay now.

She has since then been trying to make up for that by saying all manner of insane anti-gay things. Basically, she is flip-flopping around to get to be in the sweetheart job again, with thousands of adoring, crazy fans.

Ann Coulter's latest rehabilitative effort has been public support of Carl Paladino, Republican candidate for Governor in New York. Carl Paladino addressed a group of Orthodox Jews and included in his remarks "don't be brainwashed by thinking that homosexuality is equally valid." No one is standing up for Paladino except Ann Coulter.

Until now, I have believed Ann Coulter was sincere in her rantings. Her quick responses, her mannerisms, her demeanor gave the impression she really meant all those crazy things she said. Her support of Paladino rings hollow in comparison. Lately, she has given the impression of someone flailing around to get the support she once enjoyed.

To her credit, Ann Coulter is not directly agreeing with Paladino. She dismisses his anti-gay remark as political pandering.

I guess the vast right-wing conspiracy is fickle and intolerant. Tow the line or get thrown overboard.

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