Facebook Page Tells Tea Party Freaks About Real Taxation Without Representation!

All right, all right. Maybe I'm a little moody tonight. Still, how can those tea party people shout about taxation without representation and not be in favor of DC statehood? Talk about taxation without representation!

Hey, let's post the DC Taxation Without Representation Facebook page on Tea Party Facebook pages. I mean, they won't be obviously that hypocritical, will they?

But of course, no one in the tea party is interested in a real "taxation without representation" issue. Especially if it involves a lot of black people. Great article in Rolling Stone about Tea Partiers. They are deeply offended if you imply they are racist. Every one of them interviewed for the article said "some of my friends are black." Well, that settles it.

The abiding suspicion among my bluish friends is that the Tea Party is really upset that their cultural revolution has failed. The clock did not turn back to a daydreamy time of security that never really existed in the first place. If the Tea Party was painting a true picture, it would include the nuclear war drills for schoolchildren known as "duck and cover." Hiding under your desk and putting your arms over your head wouldn't really do anything to protect you though.

Washington, DC suffers from it's lack of Congressional representation. If the Tea Party types are for real, let them fight for us. If they are not really racist or reverse elitists, let them fight for us.

I'm holding my breath.


Daniel said...

Except that they will respond with DC Statehood's least favorite response, Retrocession. Given that DC was originally carved from MD and VA, and given that the VA piece has been returned to VA? I know that it's the only option since the Republican states would never approve as this would cause the adding of 2 D's in the Senate and another in the House.....

Econo-Girl said...

Maryland doesn't want us. We will upset the balance of power too much. But I'd still rather be in Maryland and have suburban workers taxed for coming into the city.

Anonymous said...

d.c. doesnt deserve statehood... the viability of the city is the federal govt employees and the universities.. dont like it....Move!!!