VOTE Tuesday for DC Attorney General !!

Washington, DC does not have an elected Attorney General. Right now, the Attorney General is appointed by the Mayor. The problem with that is conflict of interest. If the Attorney General owes his political job to the Mayor, how likely is the AG to prosecute corruption in the District government? Not very.

On Tuesday, the citizens of the District of Columbia will vote on whether or not they want to elect their Attorney General. Please, go out and vote on this important issue.

There is an important balance between branches of government. And the kind of cockiness that leads a mayor to appoint his frat buddies to important positions depends on a reasonable confidence that there will never be a criminal investigation.

I know people in the non-profit world who have worked with Washington, DC's incoming mayor when he ran a non-profit here. They told me he was one of the sleaziest people they have ever met. Time will tell if that is true.

All I know is that the city would be a whole lot better off if the person deciding to prosecute corrupt officials was not beholden to any of them.

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