Early Morning Muggings Near Georgetown University

I don't know about you, but early morning is when I feel the safest. It's an illusion, of course. There's nothing safer about the gentle, rising light and misty, dewy hues of early morning, logically speaking.

And that logic has certainly born out in and around Georgetown University. MPD has put out the following announcement:

"On Sunday April 17, 2011, approximately 7:35 a.m. a victim was robbed at
knife point while in the 1500 block of 35th Street NW. Personal items were
obtained. The perpetrators approached on foot and ran to a parked vehicle to
make good their escape. The suspects are described as 1: black male,
possibly in his 20’s, medium complexion, 5’8” – 5’9” in height and wearing a
grey jacket. 2: black male, (brandishing a knife), age is described as late
teens to early 20’s, grey jacket, black hat, and 4 inch braided hair.

On Monday April 18, 2011, approximately 6:25 a.m. a victim was robbed at gun
point while in the 3500 block of Winfield Lane NW. Personal items were
obtained. The victim was approached by 2 perpetrators that were dressed in
all dark clothing with black masks covering their faces. One of the
perpetrators was armed with a silver handgun that demanded the property.
The suspects made good their escape in one of 2 awaiting vehicles; a white
SUV and a dark colored vehicle. The dark colored vehicle is reportedly to be
a black Audi – tag numbers were not obtained on either of the vehicles. It
is a possibility that it was recently taken in Montgomery County. "

It would certainly be odd if a mugger would actually own an Audi.

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