Emily Bazelon: The Phoebe Prince Vampire

You knew that someone would be trolling over the Phoebe Prince case to make money and Emily Bazelon got the prize. Without a doubt, she is looking for a book deal and pumping up interest with her stories about the case.

Of course, it has to take a different angle than the press has. She won on that score also. Ms. Bazelon "hasn't talked to a single teenager in South Hadley who agrees with the D.A. that what happened to Phoebe was much out of the ordinary." I think that says more about that awful school than anything else. As teenagers, what they lack is perspective, maturity and full moral development. Why would that be your standard of reference?

From the beginning, Emily Bazelon's perspective on Phoebe Prince's suicide and the factors surrounding it have been skewed against sympathy for the dead girl. The quotes she relies upon to set up her arguments are from teenagers and defense attorneys.

Phoebe Prince may have been a troubled girl. NEWSFLASH: Troubled girls abound in today's high schools. In fact, one might say that every girl is troubled at some point in her teen years. Group attacks on the weak are an animal instinct, and something we should strive to evolve beyond. Setting group norms for behavior is a part of doing that.

I applaud any efforts to do it.

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Anonymous said...

She is an evil bully herself. She has to be. She is constantly defending them. Not sure what went on in her childhood but it could not have been pretty.