A Laugh a Minute: Donald Trump For President

Come on, political Washington. Admit it. Donald Trump as President of the United States is a funny as Donald Duck as a Supreme Court Justice.

Wouldn't you just LOVE to see that Presidential debate? The Hair vs. The Brain. I'm eagerly rubbing my hands together already.

Obama: We've stemmed the financial disaster I've inherited, reversed the foreclosure crisis, and got health care reform. What the hell do you want from me?

Trump: Well, first of all, I was talking to my friend Paris Hilton, who also inherited her money and family name, and when you get your foundation of success handed to you, like I have, then you know, as you talk to many famous people, who are personal friends, like me, with other famous and wealthy people, also like me, then you see the world in terms of preserving what you have and not handing it to those deadbeats, like the old ones I threw into the streets to build my towers, also with my name on them.

Obama: Maybe I should put my name on the White House. Would that help?

Trump: Every little garbage can, and I mean it when I say that, every weed whacker has my name on it, in case I forget who I am and how we need to protect America from Muslim extremists. This is America. We can't let the terrorists win. And believe me, they are. (applause)

Obama: There hasn't been a terror attack since I was President. That's what I call success. That's what I call winning.

Trump: To me, it's common sense. If you feel you are under attack, you are under attack. We've been under attack since September 11, 2001! (applause) And I'll tell you, Osama bin Laden is laughing at us, right now. That's not security from where I'm standing.

Obama: No, that's insecurity. Personal insecurity. And the Republicans have been in charge most of the time since September 11th. So you're blaming the Republican Party for your insecurity.

Trump: Well, obviously, I'm not talking about those years. Only the ones after. And you sir, are the primary one responsible for my insecurity now. Am I right? (applause)

Obama: You've never had to make those kind of responsible decisions. You've only been answerable to shareholders in a corporation. You've never made life and death choices for anyone.

At this point, Donald Trump's hair stands up, stretches, and hops off his head. The Donald dives after it. INTERVIEW OVER.

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Hemp 4 Life said...

In the Land of Make Believe.

Guantanamo Not finished.
Iraq No Exit
Afghanistan. Surge, umm Libya. Landing soon.

"You can take that to the bank."
-Barak Hussein Obama.

it won ca$h!!!