It Takes Volunteers To Have a Low-Kill Shelter

This is a letter to the editor in Hillsboro, NC from the animal control warden.

"It Takes Volunteers To Maintain Low Euthanasia Rate

Dear Editor:

Evidently a lot of misinformation and comments are circling around the county regarding the animal control facility. I would like to set the record straight for those who are confused.

As an animal control agency, our facility is not a "no-kill" shelter. I have been warden since late December 2009 and never once have I or any of my staff ever told anyone we were no-kill. Thanks to adoptions and rescues to shelters, we are a "low-kill" facility. Last year our euthanasia rate was less than five percent, and that includes severely injured animals, animals so neglected by irresponsible owners that they were beyond help, and aggressive dogs and feral cats.

Whenever we get a call from someone who wants to give us their dog or cat, we always tell them we should be the last resort as we can never guarantee an animal will be placed. We also offer suggestions for the owner to help find a new home for the pet, such as advertising, flyers, internet sites, etc. We rarely have room for owner released animals because we are so full with neglected, abandoned and otherwise stray animals.

Those who are upset that we occasionally have to euthanize an animal due to lack of space are welcome to help find homes for our dogs and cats by word of mouth, e-mail, facebook or other means. They could also help by walking dogs, giving baths, socializing cats, etc., so these animals will be more adoptable to visitors.

Thank goodness for the loyal volunteers we do have at Animal Control, including CRC clients, PAWS members and a few others. They try to effect change the right way.

Nancy J. Richardson

Animal Control Warden, MCAC"

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