Justin Bieber is Allowed to Date My Niece

First of all, he has the same first name as my husband, which is a sign of good things.

Second, he chose to go to Japan after the tsunami and the risk of radiation from the failed nuclear reactor. What a nice, brave boy. He thought of other people and how they must be suffering and went to Japan to cheer them up. Also, his chance of impregnating my niece is reduced after that radiation exposure.

Third, he hasn't hit that "hey I've got a lot of money and can act like an idiot and no one can stop me" phase, which isn't due for another year or two - long past the lifespan of the average teen relationship. It's like being a toddler. You suddenly realize that Mom can go one way and you can go the other. What fun! Look at her jump around! Whee! And look at this glass bounce when I throw it to the ground! Fun!

So that's it, Bieber, you can date my niece.

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