Special Dog Collars Used To Regulate Barking Dogs

There are now dog collars that measure the loudness and frequency of a dog's bark.

One city council in Australia bought a bunch of these collars as a response to an oversupply of complaints against noisy dogs.

The dog wears the collar to record ten hours of barks. There is a printout for the owner, too.

Of course, there has to be rules for what constitutes a loud, disruptive dog:

"And if you are wondering what classified a dog as a "nuisance barker" here are council's guidelines:
- The noise has to "unreasonably disrupt" the activity normally carried out in the residential area in the opinion of an "authorised" person.
- Between 7am and 10pm there cannot be more than a total of six minutes of "noise" in any hour.
- After 10pm and before 7am, there cannot be more than three minutes of "noise" in any 30 minute period.
If your dog breaches these guidelines, you've got a problem pet."

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