YouTube's Greatest Freakout Ever - A Warning

A YouTube user named WAFFLEPWN has an immensely popular video of his brother freaking out after getting punished for something.

But there's a problem. Looking at all 16 videos of his brother getting upset makes clear that his brother is mentally disabled, and maybe even autistic. So this little brother deliberately agitates his older disabled brother and films it for the entertainment of the world. Several million views at this point.

The disabled brother vehemently dislikes being touched. When a comedian did a riff on the video, the family was invited into dressing room to meet him, including the "freakout brother." The comedian deliberately touched him and set off another episode of panic. The family did nothing, including the parents, to protect him or to set boundaries. When a British film crew interviewed WAFFLEPWN about his video, the older brother came into the room in the middle of it. He was sat down and provoked by touching once again. And the mother filmed the episode rather than intervene. Of course that video was put on YouTube as well.

I want to say something here. This is a strong young kid, 18 years old, who has not hit his brother - yet. And some of the things the disabled kid says ("When I get angry I don't remember what I do") are serious indicators of rage control issues.

It is not wise to provoke someone like that, to humiliate them in front of millions of people, and then to do it again and again. We may be hearing from this family in the future, and not in a good way.

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