Should Armitage be indicted, or no? Econo-Girl says YES!

This is why: I know the certain types of gossip make people feel like big shots, especially the classified kind. Just because he is a big mouth doesn't let him off the hook for sharing classified information with a reporter. Especially the identity of a covert agent. I mean, people die over stuff like that.

There are doubtless those among you who feel that the little Econo-Girl saying something like this could be hypocritical. The difference is, of course, that I never told a reporter any classified information. I was terminated for expressing my views on the use of torture and abuse on our prisoners.

I certainly never outed a covert agent, and only spoke publicly after an investigation was started and I was fired.


The Lazy Iguana said...

Someone needs to face charges for outing the identity of the covert agent. I mean, stuff like that is treason right? Stuff like that could compromise national security right?

But - no charges will be laid out. All this is happening NOW, before the November Election, so that if the Republicans loose power all the crooks and liars will not be in trouble because of the double jeopardy clause. People can not face charges for the same crime more than once.

Also, the Republicans can use this as an excuse to "prove" the Democrats are wrong. Rove was let off. Cheney was let off. Nobody except Novak seems to know who leaked the info, and Novak is not talking. And even if he did, it would be a janitor that takes the heat.

Anonymous said...

Hey, what about Dick Cheney? What about Pentagon's classifying even the statistics, and spending $30 billion in that process? We would be better spending that kind of money on alternative energy sources, education, and many othet domestic issues.

A. U. American

Anonymous said...

Save for maybe Colin Powell and Claire Short, the entire US and UK governments ought to be confined to spending the rest of their lives in Dutch jails for war crimes. There's no sense in excusing anyone. All are complicit.

Anonymous said...

Neither Rove nor Armitage was indicted because there was no evidence either knew Plame's employment was, or had been, in the clandestine service. Libby was indicted for lying to the grand jury. This was similar to Martha's conviction, which was for lying, not insider trading.

Still, Armitage should have been fired and stripped of his clearance. It's hard to see how he had stayed in a high level position given his self confession as a gossip in a prior investigation.

The Lazy Iguana said...

Please. Nobody know she was in clandistine service? Can't one argue that everyone who works for "the shop" is in some way involved in some level of clandistine service?

Anonymous said...

you a lucky you ony go fired and not brought up on charges. They don't bring stupid people up oncharges