McCain and Iraq

Senator McCain had interesting things to say this weekend on the subject of Iraq, namely that we are not using enough forces there. He said that when we get an area under control we don't stay there, then we move troops to another area to do the same thing. What we need to do is increase the number of troops overall. He also said that we cannot just up and leave Iraq.

Econo-Girl agrees. It was stupid to go there, Iraq had nothing to do with the war on terror. But now that we upset the applecart, so to speak, we have some responsibility to see Iraq achieve stability.

The question is, are we really helping ourselves by capturing people and blasting Britney Spears at them all night long? As long as people know that that is our type of tactic in the war, how likely are we to succeed in the long run? Not at all.


The Lazy Iguana said...

I really DO think this war was more about an excuse to occupy than it was to "liberate". As long as the defense contractors are making oodles of money (which they are) then nothing else matters.

What other reasoning can explain the mess? It is more and more clear that they KNEW "evidence" was cherry picked.

But now that we are there, and we broke the merchandise, we have to pay for it. Leaving will be a total disaster.

So we stay? And how will that work out?

I think that the George W. Bush presidential library should be built in the "democratic paradise" he created. At least it will give the people something to plant bombs in that are not roads.

hughva said...

There don't seem to be any good choices here.
Leaving is a disaster, staying is a disaster.
I say leave, and let the Iraquis sort it out.
Someone needs to hold the administration's feet to the fire and come up with a plan. Maybe we'll elect a new congress that actually takes its oath of office seriously.

Unknown said...

Iggy, aren't you on a cruise?

This is sad to say, but the best argument for leaving Iraq is the competency argument. Having invaded should we stay and make sure the new state succeeds? Morally, yes. Strategically, of course. But when the military is commanded by a failure-prone administration it doesn't make sense to attempt anything important. Unless Rumsfeld is fired and Bush starts taking his Ginko Biloba I think we should bring the soldiers home and get back to trying to land a man on mars.

Anonymous said...

Let us swallow our pride and get out. It is better than getting our precious resources (soldiers) killed for NOTHING! Let us not get into this situation, again. (Having said that, I am not sure that our bureaucrats are well-versed in history - remember Vietnam, Somalia?)
A. U. American

Anonymous said...

One wonders if it is too late for the U.S. to support a three-state solution, rather than the tragic farce of nation-building in which we appear to be engaged.

Anonymous said...

I think can get out.

The result will likely be a broader Shiite-Sunni war acros the region, which will be tragic, but which will also occupy the attention of the Iranians and the various Sunni groups. Abu Musab al Zarqawi wanted to do this, after all.

By the time the fighting has died down, demographics will begin hitting the Muslim world, hard.

Oil prices will jump significantly in this scenario, but we can probably adjust to that. A lot of our current transportation infrastructure and energy use is dictated by federal government policy and can be abandoned, though I miagine it will be a major adjustment.


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