Econo-Girl Stands Corrected

OK, my little dumplings. It seems that Hezbollah has 'won' the PR of this conflict. All of my intrepid readers were correct. Econo-Girl was in error, especially since Iran is kicking in more to rebuild Lebanon than the U.S. is. On a side note, couldn't we contribute engineers and other technical folk? That would be valuable, cheaper and good at mending relations.

So what happens now? Lebanon is not being strengthened to be self-governing. There will be a safe patch between Israel and Lebanon, at least temporarily. International troops will be there to guard the borders.

Readers may have lost faith in Econo-Girl's predictions on this score, but she will hold forth once again. There will be arab-based resistance to Iran/Hezbollah influence in the region.

Underneath this conflict is a series of civil wars that the entire region is distracting itself from. If peace would break out between groups, war would break out within them.


Anonymous said...

Hello There Miss,

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Okay Miss Bold as Love have you heard of the Africian Tritual of Cercumsizing the Women in African Tribes? Is that Torture or a Cultural Moral? What are the reasons for that not being a Cultural Behavior here in the United States?

The Lazy Iguana said...

You are right. There WAS arab resistance to Iran.

But - this resistance WAS in Iraq. And we broke that. OOPS!

When you have one side saying "the west wants to kill all arabs" and the other side saying "no we do not want to kill all arabs" but then saying stuff like "we are at war with islamic fascism" while dropping tons of high explosives on arabs whish side do you believe?

By our own actions - we are proving the extremists groups "point". That the west hates arabs and that the only way to fight back is by turning yourself into a walking bomb.

If you ask me, if you want to make people like you the thing to do is FEED THEM - not SHOOT THEM. But what do I know? I am just a liberal with too much of that book learning.

Fifth Floor Girl said...

Feeding them. That is exactly how Hezbollah is winning the propaganda war at the moment. It's hard to turn down 18K in US dollars when one's home has been destroyed.

I agree that a good diplomatic move would be to offer something of substance to the people who are affected by the war.

Meanwhile, we're keeping people distracted with discussion of John Mark Karr and JonBenet Ramsey.

Interesting world we live in.

Cliff Sandstone said...

"On a side note, couldn't we contribute engineers and other technical folk? That would be valuable, cheaper and good at mending relations." One problem with that notion. Israeli bombs/missiles. Losing Americans to collateral damage... just doesn't look good on CNN.

The Lazy Iguana said...

What looks even worse are the "Made In The USA" stamps on the bomb cases.

Should extremists groups be allowed to launch rockets, even low power low tech rockets, at another nation? No. Something had to be done to stop that.

But over the top all out destruction of entire cities? What good could that possibly do? Telling people to get out, but then also telling them that cars, trucks, and even motorcycles will be targeted?

But what is done is done. Only time will tell, but I would wager that this action will only create MORE terrorists and MORE arabs to hate Israel and the USA - and therefore create more problems down the road.