Bush Uses Words, Not Threats, With Putin

Today Putin and Bush announced that they have a common framework for getting past this nasty missile business in Europe. So all these Russian remarks about Europe becoming a pancake were posturing, which is what you would have to expect. After all, Russia would be destroying themselves in destroying Europe. And I doubt they are prepared for another European war.

Without a doubt, though, Russia has felt very threatened by Eastern Europe's military cooperation with NATO and the U.S. They have made this plain over the last few weeks by their complaining loudly and publicly that Russia is abiding by treaties limiting missiles and no one else is.

But now that President Bush has found the value of talking instead of name calling, he and Putin have established the beginnings of a dialog on military cooperation against common threats. What are these common threats? A nuclear Iran, a Middle East meltdown, and an aggressive China. Those are my guesses. So much for the cold war military contractors were hoping for.

Click on the title to this post for the transcript of Bush's and Putin's public statements.

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Anonymous said...


The soul of Putin is well-known,
He is a good man, and
The kind of man a man can trust,
Or so I understand:

So, at least, it has been broadcast,
This kind of feeling is
Supreme in its importance, more
Than what a person does.

"Do not," he says (and with Sun Tzu
Is in agreement here),
"Put an opponent--say Iran--
Into a corner, hear?"

So this is what the good man says,
That´s good as per soul-seers,
Though for myself I just don´t know--
I´m busy drinking beers.