God Likes Me Better Than You

Societies with certain rules, such as "don't murder" and "don't steal," survived. Societies that didn't have those rules did not. Other rules, like "women need to wear a cloth on their head" do not rise to the same level. That is, societies having that rule do not have an improved chance at survival.

But it is not enough that behaving a certain way will increase your society's chance of survival and therefore your chance of survival. GOD must order it. And not only does GOD like my way better than yours, but GOD condemns your way of doing things. GOD likes me better than you.

A belief in GOD and GOD's will and GOD's rules means survival of humanity.

When people rail on about GOD and GOD's will, they are hijacking GOD's name to their own purposes. How do you think he feels about that?


Fuzz said...

One needs to be very careful when speaking in "God's" name.
I saw a quote, "We know we've created God in our own image, when He hates the same people we do", but I don't know the source.

Jean-Baptiste Perrin said...

Well, it is a fact that God is our own (culturally biased) perception of everything which is bigger than us and difficult to understand. For this reason, primitive peoples saw gods in natural phenomenons which appear now very easy to explain to us. Our more modern societies have created a very human fatherly God, represented evenly in monotheism. But the pater familias is an exclusive character by nature and so is God.

The Lazy Iguana said...

I look at this two ways.

1. IF there is a God or supreme force or whatever - what evidence is there to suggest he/she/it cares what happens here? Of course I reject the "God's Plan" theory that says everything that happens (disease, famine, war, murder, slavery, and so on) is simply part of this plan. Taking predeterminism out what is left? You either have a God that is like a parent who leaves very young children alone for days at a time in a house filled with guns, ammo, knives, and drugs OR you have option 2.

2. If there is no God, then the question posed is pointless. How does a rock feel about being thrown?

3. The waffle position. Maybe some things are beyond out ability to understand, and God is simply one of those things.

Fuzz said...

Ah yes, we always want to tell God what to do.