Dick Cheney - King of the World

Our Vice President is not a part of the Executive Branch, did you hear? He's King of the World. That would give us all a lesbian princess in his daughter. My, have times changed.

As King of the World, Cheney does not have to worry about public opinion. The elections that got him in office were just a ruse for the masses. Little did we know.

As King of the World, Cheney is not under the authority of the President of the United States. The President is under him. What a fun Christmas party that must be.

Speaking as one of the huddled masses, I can't WAIT for Cheney to realize that one day he won't be in office anymore. I hope someone has a camera at that moment. It will be the falling of a dinosaur.


The Lazy Iguana said...

Hey if he is not a member of the Executive Branch, is his claim of executive privilege for his secret energy meeting now void?

Not that the secret energy meeting was not a plan by the oil companies to invade some random middle eastern country and divy up the oil fields or anything. Naaaa. Never.

It is just kept a secret for other reasons.

Fuzz said...

Sometimes this stuff gets a little surreal.