Every Teenage Girl Should See This Video

Every teenage girl should see this

Wow! Talk about the fight against eating disorders. Dove soap is getting down and dirty against the beauty industry.

When I was younger, I spent hours trying to reach the ideal I saw in magazines. No one knew then that it wasn't possible.

I spent three weeks in Saudi Arabia after the first Gulf War. Saudi Arabia does not permit pictures of women unless they are completely covered. During that time, for the first time since second grade, I started to feel OK about my body and how I looked. And I felt thin.

After coming back to the United States, seeing all the photos of how women were supposed to look in advertisements, my old obsessions with weight came back. But I never forgot how great it was to feel OK, if only for that little while.

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Axis Bold as Love,

ACERBIC INTERROGATION LIMITS of 2002, Suspending Habius Corpus in 2005 was the Worst Policy Plan a President ever had! When my Neice was a Teenager she was often Truent from High School.


Richard Fehrmann