Tenleytown - Road Kill for the Middle Class

The beauteous Spring has gone in Tenleytown, Washington DC. Once again, the sidewalks are filled with the discards of college students who would rather throw out a perfect condition couch than haul it to its next location.

Lucky for us.

This year we got an office chair on wheels, jeans and a cute lacy sleeveless top. The goodies this year were a little thin. The sofas and entertainment centers weren't in the greatest shape. Textbooks were lying in cardboard boxes on the most obscure topics. "Love and the Llama" ?? We can all be thankful that it wasn't us that paid for that tripe. Or for the stuff being left behind.

Initially this was going to be a post about the stupidity of these college students leaving absolute garbage behind on the streets of DC. What are they thinking, I was prepared to ask.

In the interests of research, I looked in a paper bag that had been there most of a week. Jeans! They look like they could fit me! And what's this? A stretchy brown top with lace trim. Lovely V neck on it, too.

And as quickly as that, I am pleased as punch that I live in a place where consumer road kill is available to anyone.

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