Michael Steele is the Vuvuzela of Republican Party Politics

Witness the vuvuzela: it is hard to ignore, it makes a lot of noise, it does not contribute positively to the overall game and it is difficult to eliminate.

The same applies to Michael Steele. He is hard to ignore because of his position as head of the Republican National Committee. Combine that with his salient news analysis on our purpose in Afghanistan and how it's all President Obama's fault, and you have an attention-getting dynamo.

Michael Steele makes a lot of noise because people are always putting microphones in front of his face. And once the microphones are there, he insists on talking. Once he has spoken into a microphone, video of that event is rebroadcast all over the world. To be fair, though, I don't think that anyone outside of the United States really cares. But we care, and that's what counts.

Accusing President Obama of bringing us into a war that was started by a President from his own party allows Michael Steele to be a distraction from the idiot leanings of the Republican party in Congress right now. Things like blaming the unemployed for being lazy instead of the lack of jobs causing the unemployment springs to mind. Just as the vuvuzela is a constant distraction from the World Cup game going on in front of the fans, Michael Steele is a distraction from the serious missteps of his party.

Finally, Michael Steele is tough to purge. How many times has he outraged his own party by now? And he is still there. That's impressive staying power. Instead of everyone going on about how Michael Steele is awful at being the RNC chair, let's find out what he is doing right. It's got to be pretty good.

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