A Rational Arguement for Michael Vick's Execution

The above video shows Tucker Carlson advocating the execution of Michael Vick. As my loyal readers know, I once worked as a dog walker myself and wrote The Dog Walkers Handbook.

While President Obama has a point about giving people a second chance, there are exceptions. One of those exceptions should be when the crime is of a type where there is little hope of rehabilitation. injury yo animals is one of those crimes.

Hurting and killing animals for fun is an indicator of being a sociopath. There's no cure for that condition. Michael Vick is a sociopath. He got caught. He's sorry that he got caught. Now he throws pigskin for the Philadelphia Eagles. That fact doesn't change a thing. He's still a dangerous nut case who has not recovered. But we'll find that fact out soon enough. About the time he isn't playing football anymore.

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