SCANDAL: DPR's DC Citywide Cheer and Pom-Pon Extravaganza is FIXED

The Washington, DC Department of Parks and Recreation held a citywide Cheerleading and Pom-Pon competition that had all the potential to be a great event. It fell flat when they changed the rules of the competition to ensure the two-time citywide champions, Shining Stars, were eliminated from the competition.

Hosted at the Stoddert Recreation Center, hundreds of Washington, DC residents from all over the city cheered their local girls as they shouted, tumbled and did lifts. Smiles were the order of the day. More than that, every team cheered for every other team each time. "We are proud of you!" rang out between team cheer routines.

And then it hit: the two-time city-wide pom-pon champions, Shining Stars, were told that the rules to the competition had changed and the routine they had rehearsed for six weeks put them in the other division, cheerleading, two days before the event. It was too late to change their routine and they were unprepared for the new category.

"We didn't stand a chance in the division they put us in," said the pom-pon captain for Stoddert's Shining Stars Selena Shea. "K'Yanna Blackwell should get fired." K'Yanna Blackwell was responsible for organizing the event.

The Shining Stars were in tears and the pom-pon championship went to another team. On top of that, after denying the Shining Stars their opportunity to compete fairly based on a rule change, there was no copy of the new rules available at the event for anyone to review.

"Stoddert is Fenty's rec center and she disrespected it. She was not supporting the team. Probably she did change the rules to stop Stoddert." observed Ms. Shea.

Ms. Blackwell told Rosendale to say their chant five or more times and didn't ask anyone else to say theirs. Shining Stars got a third place trophy after the event was finished as consolation. Pom-pon captain Selena Shea said. "I feel horrible about competing again, but I am going to compete anyway even though there was a rule change and it might have been because of my team."

This issue is not to take away from the great work and energy of the girls at the competition. Before the unfair ruling, the event was fun and it was great to see the girls doing their routines. The Tigers were another team to watch. Here's a photo of them lining up before competing.

Try Varsity.com for all things cheeleader.

Rosedale Recreation Center had its own cheering section, and after seeing them do lifts and tumbles it was easy to see why. They clearly have been working on their routine for a long time and did a tremendous amount of work on it. The whole event could have been fantastic for everyone. No one is helped by reducing the level of competition.

But the Stoddert Recreation Center's Shining Stars were treated unfairly and then no rules were shown at the event to demonstrate that the truth was, in fact, being told.


Karen Shea said...

DPR response to questions from Ms. K. Shea regarding DC Citywide Pom Pom and
Cheer Extravaganza

Prepared by Kyanna Blackwell,

When did lifts become illegal in Pom-Pom?
Lifts are not illegal in pom-pom, after seeing the routine on Thursday it was
suggested that the team should go under cheer because of all of the cheer elements
that they had in their routine.

Why don’t the Cheerleaders have access to the rules?
The rules were given to the coordinators at the First meeting on Wednesday
October 1st along with the website to visit at www.theusfinal.com for the Recreation
rules. The coordinators that attended the meeting were: Tameka Borges (Ward 5),
Shannon Campbell (Ward 6), Kanika Bolton (Ward 7) and Clevand Dent sitting
in for Belinda Gee (Ward 3), after the meeting the notes, rules, clinic dates and
the website were the rules could be found were emailed out to all coordinators and
Ward Managers so that everyone could be aware of the 2010-2011 DPR Cheer/Pom

Where do the rules come from?
The rules came from the US Finals and could be found on the website at

Why did Ms. Blackwell reclassify which division the Stars were competing in
instead of giving the team a chance to modify the routine? After speaking with the
coach on Friday in reference to their routine, the it was asked “so you think we
should do cheer instead of pom-pom in the competition tomorrow.” Ms. Blackwell
responded affirmatively “since you have cheer skills in your routine for the
beginners level but you could stay pom-pom.”

Why did Ms. Blackwell not change the scheduled time for the Stars to perform once
she insisted they compete in Cheer?
Ms. Blackwell didn’t feel it necessary to change the performance time due to the fact
that they were being judged in a different category.

Why did Ms. Blackwell discuss the routines of the teams and the rules with the
Ms. Blackwell did not discuss the rules or any team’s routine with the judges.

Knowing the reclassification of the Stars division had meant the Stars would not
place in the competition and had put on a marvelous performance, why didn’t Ms.
Blackwell explain the situation and ask for a round of applause for the Stars?
All coaches, family, friends & all of the teams were recognized and congratulated on
their hard work and a job well done.

If lifts were illegal in Pom-Pom why the Hawks were, who did a lift at the end of
their routine, declared the winners?
Ms. Blackwell had no control over the placement of the winners; the scores of the
teams determined the winners.


After speaking with the coach and the concerned parent Ms. Blackwell reviewed
the scores and has agreed to award Stoddert a 3rd place finish. In concert with site
manager Ricky Davenport, Ms. Blackwell will present the award to the Stoddert
Shinning Stars in front of the family, friends and girls at a special event held on
Tuesday December 14th.

Econo-Girl said...

Give me a break. You cheated those girls. You did not need to recategorize them at all. Other pom-pon teams did lifts and you didn't kick them into cheer.

Anonymous said...

This is just one of the many reason why Kyanna should be fired. She doesn't know what she is doing and she only cares about her Scorpion teams. She has no knowledge of cheerleading really and her teams are somewhat ok because she begs all-star girls to be in her program. The cheerleading program will NEVER prosper with her as the head of it. She was kicked out of the Xquisite allstar program because of her nasty attitude towards kids and parents and many kids have left in the past to join other teams. This blog is so interesting..

Anonymous said...

I think the star did a okay job but y'all are taking this to a whole nother level. Why on earth would you want someone fired when we are in a recession. I mean its already hard to find jobs and you all want someone fire for a competition thats suppose to be fun. I think if you where in pom pom or cheer you still would have lost. It didn't matter anyway because she was not the one judging. I think your girls did okay but they weren't the best. It's other competitions out there so practice hard and get your first place next time.

Econo-Girl said...

K'Yanna Blackwell should be fired for changing the rules at the last minute to exclude the Stars from the pom-pon tournament. She is telling people that it was based on a rule change but that is not true. The rules she points to are dancing rules, not pom-pon.

There were as many teams as trophies until K'Yanna Blackwell decided to make sure the Stars didn't win anything by putting them in cheer.

I can't believe this is the first time she has acted like this. Our tax dollars should not be spent by someone who decides who can win the competition.

And if K'Yanna Blackwell was worried about the recession, she should have put her professional duties ahead of her bias.