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Tsunami Messages for All Regions (Past 30 days)

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Tsunami Messages for All Regions (Past 30 days)
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Time (UTC)RegionTypeTo:Details
129 Dec 2010 07:03Vanuatu IslandsInformation StatementHawhtmltext
129 Dec 2010 07:02Vanuatu IslandsInformation BulletinPachtmltext
225 Dec 2010 14:45Vanuatu IslandsFixed Regional Warning CancellationPachtmltext
225 Dec 2010 14:27Vanuatu IslandsFixed Regional Warning SupplementPachtmltext
225 Dec 2010 13:28Vanuatu Islands RegionInformation StatementHawhtmltext
225 Dec 2010 13:26Vanuatu Islands RegionFixed Regional WarningPachtmltext
322 Dec 2010 22:19Bonin Islands, Japan RegionInformation StatementHawhtmltext
322 Dec 2010 22:18Bonin Islands, Japan RegionInformation BulletinPachtmltext
421 Dec 2010 20:43Bonin Islands, Japan RegionInformation Bulletin SupplementPachtmltext
421 Dec 2010 20:05Bonin Islands, Japan RegionInformation Bulletin SupplementPachtmltext
521 Dec 2010 17:33Bonin Islands, Japan RegionInformation StatementHawhtmltext
521 Dec 2010 17:31Bonin Islands, Japan RegionInformation BulletinPachtmltext
618 Dec 2010 20:14At the Island of KahoolaweLocal Information StatementHawhtmltext
702 Dec 2010 03:21New Britain Region, P.N.G.Information StatementHawhtmltext
702 Dec 2010 03:19New Britain Region, P.N.G.Information BulletinPachtmltext

"UTC" = Coordinated Universal Time (aka: GMT or Zulu).
"To:" = recipient of messages:
            Pac=Pacific Ocean (excluding U.S. mainland & Canada), Haw=Hawai`i, Ind=Indian Ocean, Car=Caribbean Sea

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