DC Jazz Scene Blog

We've all seen the signs at the U street Metro stop of DC's legacy as a jazz hot spot. It makes you wish you could go back in time just to sneak into one of those performances. The clothing had a language all its own. The photos on the history trail in the U street area are fascinating.

Well, it seems that DC has a jazz scene once more. The blog Capital Bop is dedicated to the DC jazz community. It's a great site with lively pictures and a "jazz map" of Washington, DC by breaking down events according to neighborhood. Interviews with musicians are featured along with personal accounts of the jazz greats who influenced them the most. One page has video clips of great musicians being interviewed and performing.

"If I knew I was living in the middle of an historic time, I would have paid more attention." Famous quote by somebody or other. Who wants to live in the middle of something great and be too absorbed in work or other bullshit to really experience their own lives? The upturned faces of our future grandchildren demand to be fed a story or two from DC storied days. Have something to tell them.

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