Front Seat at the Egyptian Revolution

Remember the fall of the Berlin Wall? Remember how we all saw it on television and wished we were there ripping a piece of the wall out ourselves?

The Information Age is here. At http://werebuild.eu/wiki/Egypt/Main_Page anyone with ham radio skills can help the Egyptian revolution. Personally, I think the turn of events is fantastic. Yes, the United States may get a government that is not friendly. That's what happens sometimes in a free and fair election. But like grown ups, we will have to deal with what we've got in front of us.

There is also need for people who can set up VPNs and who have other technical networking skills. You can be there. You can be a part of it. And the United States, through it's citizens, helped the freedom-loving people of Egypt. What do you believe in anyway, freedom for us alone, or freedom as a principle?

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