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Subject: Today is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day!

From: Fabiana Talbot

Date: January 11, 2011 9:01 AM

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Hello SMS!
Please join the anti-trafficking community this evening for "A Night Out With the Washington Wizards" at the Verizon Center -OR- a showing of the play, "Body and Sold", at the Kennedy Center!! 

Wizards tickets can be purchased here: www.verizoncenter.com/wiz/dctaskforce].
When prompted for the secret password simply enter: WIZARDS.  Tickets range from $22 - $65.

Body and Sold: The play is directed by Florida International University professor Phillip Church and  will be presented at 7:30pm.

Body & Sold is creating a network of theaters and social agencies who, acting together, will raise the national consciousness about the intertwined issues of child abuse, runaways, and prostituted children.
To reserve your tickets for this evening's performance, or for more information, please contact the FIU Washington D.C. office at 202-585-2285.  Tickets are $30.
We hope to see you show your support on this important day!
In solidarity,
Gannon, Danielle, & Fabiana

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