Mexican Military Seeks U.S. Assistance in Drug War

Mexican Defense Secretary Galvan complained about civilian police corruption giving away vital information ton the drug gangs in Mexico. He want USG help in Mexico's drug war

¶1. (S/NF) Summary. DNI Dennis Blair met with Defense
Secretary General Guillermo Galvan Galvan on October 19 on
the heels of meetings with President Calderon and members of
his national security team (ref a and b). The discussion
focused largely on the military's role in the
counternarcotics fight, with Galvan lamenting a likely
lengthy domestic mandate, the need for improved translation
of intelligence into operations, and his mistrust of other
GOM security elements. Galvan is clearly seeking cooperation
from the USG to strengthen his institution's capacity to
fight drug trafficking organizations, but will try to keep
military actions in its own channels rather than working more
broadly with Mexico's law enforcement community. End summary.

¶2. (S/NF) To open the discussion with General Galvan Galvan

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