DuPont Human Trafficking Operation Shut Down

Spa Sky, formerly at 1215 Connecticut Avenue NW, was shut down by DC's Metro Police. The girls forced into prostitution have been arrested and those who ran the brothel are being sued civilly by the Attorney General.

When asked about alternatives to arresting the victims of human trafficking, Lieutenant Bryan F. Christian of the Narcotic and Special Investigations Division Prostitution Enforcement Unit explained, "We are law enforcement. If somebody's breaking the law, we have to arrest them."

Lieutenant Christian said, "We often work with the non-profit Polaris, who interviews these girls and tries to get them on to another track in life."

Econo-Girl is heartened by the awareness of law enforcement related to human trafficking, however criminal penalties should be assessed against the owners of the brother as well. They took girls from their families, lied to them about work, and beat and raped them into lives as prostitutes. The problem is more than just one brothel. It is the human trafficking system.

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