Jerry Schaeffer Enables Human Trafficking

Local DC businessman Jerry Schaeffer knowingly rents office space to a brothel, Spa Sky, that is involved in human trafficking.

That's "slavery" to you and me.

The DC chapter of Stop Modern Slavery has started an online petition at Change.org to pressure Jerry Schaeffer into evicting these tenants.

You wouldn't think this would be a problem. If these tenants were dealing drugs, Jerry Schaeffer would have no hesitancy in evicting them. Perhaps he thinks slavery is more like illegal parking. And not just slavery, but forced prostitution.

Conveniently located at 1215 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington, DC, right near the business district, this brothel is not populated by volunteers.

Please call Spa Sky and ask them about it: phone:   202-887-8223.

Please call Walmart and tell them their brand is being associated with forced prostitution:

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