Why is Biddle So Threatened by This Guy?

I met Jacque Patterson when he was collecting signatures to get on the ballot when I was still living in Columbia Heights. Both my husband and I were very impressed with him and his bold ideas. 

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"THIS WEEK" with Jacque Patterson

Patterson and DC Board of Elections and Ethics Hearing

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Yes, Rules ARE Rules

Patterson and Legal Counsel presenting before the Board of DC Board of Elections and Ethics.  

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"I would first like to thank all of the residents of the District of Columbia who have supported my campaign over the past 90 days, and who are committed to joining me as I work to restore faith and integrity to our local government.

This week, DCBOEE ruled in our favor that the petition challenge of Mr. Vincent Orange be thrown out. On Wednesday, our legal counsel went before the DCBOEE to defend the challenge of Sekou Biddle on the grounds of improper filing.  According to the Rules and Regulation of the DCBOEE, all challenges must include the names, nominating petition sheets, and line numbers.  This was not done by Mr. Biddle; therefore, his challenge should not have been accepted by DCBOEE.  Both parties MUST abide by the requirements set by DCBOEE, including the challengers, in this case Mr. Biddle.  Anything less then strict enforcement of the requiremets of what defines a properly filed challenge would set in motion a precedent of disenfranchising qualified candidates and voters in a city short on Democracy. 

It is clear by the names thrown off the challenges of both Mr. Vincent Orange and Mr. Sekou Biddle, that both candidates lack respect for the political process and that their combined efforts were nothing more than a political maneauver to waste taxpayers money and inundate an understaffed DCBOEE office.  

At a time when residents of our hometown are questioning the ethical behavior of our government's leadership, it is important for our campaign to fight the challenges of candidates who have shown through their own actions they would do nothing to restore the public trust.  We vow to push forward and win our appeal of Mr. Biddle's challenge, and restore integrity to our District government.  See you on the campaign trail." READ ARTICLE AND DEFENSE BRIEF 

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The response to our  "10 Days for Jacque" campaign has been amazing. We are more confident than ever that the residents of the District really want to bring good government back. But we can't stop now!  

The deadline for the March 10th campaign finance filing is TONIGHT.  Help us reach our fundraising goal of $50k by clicking here to make an online donation. Any amount you can contribute is helpful.  Please do not put this message aside with the intent on helping later.  We need your support right now.

This weekend, Jacque Patterson will be in your neighborhood spreading his message.  Will you join us? Jacque and the entire Campaign team look forward to seeing you this weekend.   Please contact our Campaign Manager, Andi Pringle, on 202.270.7404 or at andipringle@gmail.com for more information. 

FRIDAY, MARCH 11, 2011

WARD 5 - Brookland Metro Station @ 7AM 


WARD 6 - Eastern Market Metro @ 10:30am


Yard Signs Available Now.  

Send email to yardsigns@jacquepatterson.com


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Committee to Elect Jacque Patterson. Tim Lewis, Treasurer

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