Econo-Girl Dream

Econo-Girl had a dream last night that she got a notice in the mail that her major student loan had not been paid for eight months and she owed $2300 on it. In the same dream, Econo-Girl had to sell her house because she no longer could afford it.

Leisure Lad encouraged reporting of these dreams because of the bizarre specificity. He said his dreams were only little babies playing on the floor who turned into a dozen little men running around the room.

So who's weirder?

The odd thing about Econo-Girl's dream is that she paid all her student loans off over a year ago. And if she rented most of the rooms in her house, she could mostly pay the mortgage. Wonder what this all means?

Perhaps it is because she read The Economist again, I've said it before but it bears repeating: those people need anti-depressants. While Econo-Girl herself confesses to a bit of catastrophizing for dramatic effect, those Economist people are pathological.

A sample:

"As if to complete its transformation from drug-dealers' playground to mainstream metropolis, Miami also has an all-American property boom."

See? They can't say anything nice without being nasty.

"That is a fair tribute to a place that has put a lot of effort into smartening itself up. But even the world's greatest cities can have property crashes."

Or read this on America's current accound deficit: "The inevitable correction, when it comes, is likely to be all the more painful. When financial conditions tighten, investors are sure to become more discriminating. Sooner or later, the traffic lights will turn red."

You just know they are panting for the disaster. Well, so is Econo-Girl, truth be told. But am I that bad? Let's hope not.


The Lazy Iguana said...

Little does The Economist know, the drug dealers never left. Who do you think is buying the houses in this inflated market? Not me.

Cleaned up? Hardly. More like got smart.

But, the signs are out there. One of my new co-workers (see my blog refrence the new government job) is having trouble renting a condo ON THE INTRACOASTAL WATERWAY for $1500 a month. It is a two bedroom two bathroom joint on the 6th (top) floor of the building. It has a two level patio overlooking the bay. And it has a boat dock.

The tide is going out. And I am thinking of renting the place. It would take up a good deal of my pay, but I would be on the water. On the top floor. I would be broke, but cool.

lewis_medlock said...

broke but cool is OK at times.....
friend of mine took his kids to disney world and in same week bought a nice new pick up truck...fancy rig.....in debt to his nose.....comes back, gets hit with 13,000 volts at work..dead....had his truck for a week and felt good while he did....kids will remember wdw for a long time....its ok to spend it once in a while...

Econo-Girl said...

Oooh, that sounds like a great place, Iggy. But what about the hurricanes? Aren't you guys due for another one real soon>

Econo-Girl said...

Lewis, great point. You really do have to live well. That is what rich is. I will also go a step further and say that it is not having panic over money.

The Lazy Iguana said...

Speaking of hurricanes, Katrina is on the way. Looks like conditions will be poor the next two days.