My Tenant, The Actor

No fooling. Econo-Girl's upstairs tenant is an actor. So when we ask for the rent or his share of the utilities, he looks like we are about to beat him with a two-by-four. It can be an effective technique.

Part of the arts scene is that 'I am starving' routine that they put themselves through. So Econo-Girl was talking to the kid about his job and why is he working nights again, and it comes out that he wants more money to do that. But get this, only 50 cents more an hour. He is being paid $9.50 now. So Econo-Girl told him to ask for $12.00. He was adament that he wouldn't get it. I said, don't quit before you try. These types all do. They are lousy negotiators.

You can ask, I told him. So he is going to ask.

It just burns Econo-Girl to no end that DC is stuffed with these non-profits that lie, steal and cheat the young people that work for them. AND they skim 10% off the top of whatever grants they get for their own pockets. Meanwhile the kids are starving. Something should be done, really.


lewis_medlock said...

Dont let that sad eyed look work on you.
He can learn his hard lesson now, or he can learn it when its a house with a wife and kids in it.

Better young, single and homeless than married with children and homeless.

As for his wage increase, he wont get it.


Econo-Girl said...

Lewis! Such a pessimist! The theatre in question has a need for someone who knows what they are doing and a dearth of applicants qualified for the position.

Yes, it IS better for him to learn self-sufficiency early.

And I told him that he would be better off working part-time at the theatre and being a full-time waiter than what he is doing now. He seemed to agree.

lewis_medlock said...

re. his position at the theatre...
if thats the case then he should negotiate from a position of strength...play hardball with them.

the kid has to earn a real living...before he knows it he'll be 35 and still 'tight' for money...seems work is a four letter word anymore.

wasnt trying to be a pessimist, yet, it just sounded as if he was defeated before he even tried.

Have a great day! lewis_medlock

The Lazy Iguana said...

I like my new job. It pays about 500 a week, not too great but it is entery level and has good opportunities for moving up. Also I can be an overtime whore if I want more money. My first week I worked 11 hours of OT.

Anyway, it is not an employees market right now. Asking for a raise could end up getting you canned, because your boss knows that there are many people who would take your job.

Econo-Girl said...


I'm glad for you. A solid job brings a lot of peace of mind.