Econo-Girl is doing what she does only a few times a year. She is hiding indoors. The heat just dashing from the car to the grocery store was enough to cause heatstroke. Econo-Girl has had heatstroke before and it was not pleasant.

Water is essential in the dire heat. In fact, water is essential no matter what the weather is.

It isn't unreasonable to think that batteries and advancements in solar panels will relieve the U.S. appetite for oil. Imagine the Middle East situation when no one cares about them at all. Imagine still further that water was increasingly in short supply. Econo-Girl smiles at the thought.

Fights over water are already erupting in the Nevada desert. Which is why Econo-Girl would sell any Las Vegas real estate NOW. The current population levels are not sustainable.

In Africa, water wells are being poisoned by natural minerals. Usable water is increasingly in short supply.

The idea is people fighting for life, not mere economic growth. Ooooh. It should be ugly.


The Lazy Iguana said...

Las Vegas has one thing going for it - Lake Mead is very close.

If I had any spare real-estate, I would be tempted to sell it now. Before the bubble pops. Before rates go up. Before value goes down.

As for solar powered AC, not any time soon. Solar cells simply do not gather enough energy for this, unless you live someplace where swamp coolers will work (in other words, if you are out west). 100 watt panels are very expensive, and even if you were to cover your entire roof with them you would still need something else. Once your fridge, AC, water heater, and stove were running all at the same time that would pretty much be it.

lewis_medlock said...

Lake Mead.......not a lake, a reservoir......dependent upon the Colorado river for all of its water.

I wouldnt be so sure that lake mead is LV's saviour, as there is nothing to say that in the future the amount of flow into Mead cannot be altered......it is Politics and not Nature that determines the 'normal pool' at Lake Mead.........should some entity upstream decide that they need to siphon a bit more off, all LV can do is go to court over it.
Such things happen all the time.
Who owns the rain? Whats to stop a town from diverting that rain?
Call it impossible.....you see what we do for OIl....imagine what one might do for water.

Econo-Girl said...

One day we will wonder at all the attention we paid to oil. It will be like remembering before the Internet.