We're Hitting the Wall

Econo-Girl has a truly dull job that she despises. But it is a safe job.
And if the folks who wrote this are any indication, the U.S., and the world,
is about to hit a wall:


Econo-Girl doesn't worry too much about her house being worth less than its
purchase price because it has doubled in 'value.' Put another way, if the
'value' of Econo-Girl's house declines that much there will be disaster on
everybody's doorstep and the house loss will be the least of it.

And with this gloom and nay-saying, exactly who out there is sinking money
into a house now? I mean, don't they read?

Since her Y2K consulting days, Econo-Girl has been a bit of a survivalist.
Not one of those nut jobs, although Leisure Lad may differ on that one. But
shouldn't there be a way to heat your home if all electricity and gas are
out? Shouldn't you have a plan?

What if instead of all infrastructure being inoperable, we sit through
another Great Depression? We have several rooms that we could rent out.
Our house has two chimneys, one of which has a pellet stove.

Or is all this musing only a distraction from total boredom? Leisure Lad
thinks I'm not happy unless I have something to worry about, and the end of
civilization is a more harmless preoccupation than most. So he doesn't

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