Would Your Rent To Her?

We are renting our downstair apartment out and got this e-mail:

Good morning! I wanted to know the exact address for the property listed at Columbia Heights. Furthermore, do I need to make an appointment to see the property or is it OK to just stop by. Thank you, xxxxx.

I think it's the "furthermore" that really got me.



edingals60979188 said...
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Econo-Girl said...

Econo-Girl deletes all advertising. Period. She is, however, flattered that anyone would consider pushing ads on to her site as worth the effort.

lewis_medlock said...

.the 'furthermore' is an attempt to sound 'businesslike' IMHO.

want some advice...?
have her over to see the place...if she wants it and everything else is fine, say Ok, butI need to see your current home...she'll say Ok, figuring she has time to make it neat...then drive over asap to scope out her current nest.
if it were me, id use the old school telephone as opposed to the email.....gives you a better handle on whom you are speaking with...
hope it works out.

The Lazy Iguana said...

My advice - do not rent property out unless you have to.

Landlords get to do all sorts of fun things. when my dad decided to rent out my grandmother's house after she died, I got to find out just what fun things landlords do.

Like going over at 2 AM because someone flushed some mystery object down the toilet. The first time I climbed on the roof and stuck the snake down the roof vent. The second time I just cut off the water at the main and told them I would fix it later.

They also decided that mowing the grass was optional, and that the front yard was a good place to store non-functioning vehciles. The city sent my dad the summons and fine.

Oh yea! I forgot the most fun part. When they stop paying rent. You can not just evict someone. There is this process you have to follow.

Anyway, just be aware that you have no way of knowing what kind of weirdo is renting from you until it is too late. Be careful!!!!

Econo-Girl said...

Thanks for the warning, Iggy, but my greed is going to win out.

In DC, if the owner of the property also lives there, as in someone is renting in your house and lives with you, you can evict them on the spot.

I set up the lease so that the basement apartment is termed 'a room in the house we share' so that I can still evict on the spot. And I tell the prospective tenant that before they move in.

Also I check the criminal and credit information before letting them in. It costs $200, but in the end it would be cheaper than if there were problems.

And the final choice is made by Leisure Lad, my ex-junkie husband. And as you know, you can't pull anything over on a junkie.

The Lazy Iguana said...

Sounds like you have a plan.

As God as my witness, I shall NEVER do emergency plumbing at 2 AM unless I happen to live in the house.

And my cutting off the water was highly illegal. You are not supposed to do that. But this is Miami, laws do not always apply :)