The Arab Plan for Peace

So what's with those Arabs wanting peace with Israel? True, if they stopped fighting each other a sudden burst of prosperity would hit the region. But that's not enough of a reason. Maybe these Arab leaders are tired of the criminal element that is exploiting radical Islam. Maybe they don't think Israel will go for it and that will be a good excuse for even more bad behavior in the future.

Maybe Iran's actions are really starting to freak them out. Maybe the annihilation of Israel is not something they want, at lease by nuclear means. After all, the fallout would be on them. Maybe Iran is too strong now, and that is a bigger problem for them.

Who knows? Either way, it is a welcome development


The Lazy Iguana said...

Any plan is a good one I suppose. If the goal is really peace.

A lot of the plans presented so far were just window dressing. Israel would present a plan saying "we are giving them 95% of what they want" and then pointing to the rejection of the plan as proof that the other side is unreasonable.

Yea. How about you go to buy a new car and the salesman says "I can offer you 95% of that new car, but not any more". Do you buy it? It is ALMOST A new car - just missing a few parts that may or may not be key parts to make the damn thing run.

Land was taken from people, occupied by soldiers, and never given back. Not 5,000 years ago. Not 1,000 years ago. Recently. Like just a few decades ago recently.

BOTH sides need to make major concessions. Arab states need to stop talking about driving Israel into the sea and crack down on militants that try to start shit, and Israel needs to leave occupied lands and return to its original borders. There may not be a "Palestine", but Gaza would go back to Egypt, the West Bank back to Jordan, Golan Heights back to Syria, and so on.

I do not know if the Palestinian Authority would accept this. Probably not. They want their own state. They will not get any land that is part of Israel's original UN border - and all the other land was part of another nation before the first war. This could be a problem, unless the Arab states release their claim on the land. Which they might do. But they should not expect Israel to withdraw beyond its original UN borders.

Connecting the West Bank to Gaza could be a big problem.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Michael said...

Land issues are not the problem with the Arab League plan.

The problem is that they insist on Israel permitting 4 million palestinian "refugees" into Israel proper as full citizens.

These are people who are committed to Israel's destruction; what other country has ever been asked to let such a population in?