Russia, Iran and Bush

So the great thing about Bush getting his head out of his ass is that he is finally talking to the people he needs to talk to. One of them is Putin.

Remember the 43rd Munich Security Conference? Remember how Econo-Girl went on and on about it? Putin said many important ideas there, one of them being that Russia and the U.S. should work together to get Iran in line. And that is what is happening now.

Econo-Girl predicts that Iran will become much less defiant in the future. In a way, Ahmadinejad was playing the old Cold War game of pitting the United States against Russia. Now that we are in agreement, Iran will not be able to avoid listening.


The Lazy Iguana said...

Yea - until Putin says something that Bush does not like or does not want to hear. Then the cowboy complex will kick in again and who knows what will happen.

We know Bush does not listen to anyone - except for the voice in his head he thinks is God talking to him. Any words he does not agree with he dismisses instantly. He has proven this during the time he has been in office.

And now he is going to change? Just like that? He will listen to people now, and take their views into consideration?

You really think so?

Michael said...

Also, Russia is only turning the screws on Iran as part of a commercial dispute: the Iranians have defaulted on payment for nuclear assistance, and the Russians have decided to get politcal capital, instead.

Should the Iranians pony up the dough, I think we'll see another shift in Russian policy.