Putin, Russia and Iran

Remember the Munich Security Conference where Putin outlined his vision for multilateralism? And remember how Iran, for a brief moment, became cooperative about its nuclear program?

A prominent Russian reporter, Ivan Safronov, died on March 3 from falling out of a window in his apartment building. He was writing a story on the sale of weapons by Russia to Syria and Iran, some of which could reach Israel if fired.

So when Putin said at the Munich Security Conference that more could be accomplished by acting as a partner with Russia, there was weight behind what he said. After all, he is selling them important weapons. Of course they would listen to him.

The United States could take advantage of this situation, and not just complain about it, by working with Russia to keep Iran and Syria in check. But that would be a new idea, and Bush doesn't allow those.


Anonymous said...
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The Lazy Iguana said...

How about we just sell Iran better weapons than the Russians (like we did under Ronnie Ray-Gun) and then get Iran to listen to us?

Bush may like that plan better because then his defense contractor buddies could make more money, and his oil buddies may get new places to drill.

I hear Iran needs replacement F-14 parts. The Navy retired that plane, so we have a whole lot of them in mothball. We can start by selling off all those old jets - part by part of course. Someone will get more money that way.

I wonder why Iran simply does not ship good parts they need copied off to China?