Dog Walker, Hilary, Obama - The Dog Walker's Handbook

Econo-Girl has a dog walking business now and it is great. I'm outdoors all day long which I enjoy even in bad weather. It began in mid-January with one dog, and now there is 10. The dogs themselves are fun, too.

What this career shift has given me is NO DESIRE for following the Presidential race. The little tales of one-upmanship are too much for me to care about for the next two years.

Intellectually, I know that it is important who becomes President. But how can you get wrapped up in it this early in the game? Most of these guys are going to be gone in a year.

But really, when you snuggle those furry creatures every day, when you wipe their feet and feed them treats, it gives me a grounded and settled perspective on things.

Read about the dog walking business in The Dog Walker's Handbook.

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Jandi for The Fuzz said...

Ah, a little dose of reality.