Childrens' Names

Econo-Girl usually rants about some obscure foreign policy topic, which explains why her most popular post is about her dog's leg getting broken.

On a different topic, people who name their children names like "Shithead" and "Fonda Cox" should be reported for child abuse. A friend noted that in Germany, they won't let you do that to a kid. They shouldn't here, either.

What do you think it will do to a child? I guess that's the intent on some level, to trash your kid before they have a chance. And even if it was an immature stunt, that child is growing up with you every day, and every day you are calling them "Shithead." That is continued abuse.

People like that should be targeted and humiliated. Like they are doing to their own child.


The Lazy Iguana said...

I have a little dog I call "Shithead". It is his name. But he is a dog and does not really know very much. You can call the dog anything and he is happy - as long as you say it nicely.

The vet records have the dog's name as "shorty". He responds to both names. And "little runt dog" and "rat bastard" and "stupid" and "I am going to kick you in the head" - whatever you say so long as you do not say it with the angry voice.

Kids are a lot smarter than a dog however. I would only call my kid "shithead" if they did something stupid. Like flush my car key down the toilet or something.

I used to work at a middle school. No lie here - there were students whose LEGAL first name was "Diamond" or "Precious". Those be stripper stage names! I never did get it.

Oh yea and then there are those who think that their kids should be named after Old Testament prophets. Like Ezekiel or something. Don't they know that the kid is going to get run up the flag pole by their underwear in Middle School with names like that?

The Ferminator said...

Axis Bold as Love,

If you were abused their are adult roles models who you can learn new parenting behaviors from. I have baby pictures of me at christmas sitting in my dad's lap. He was a German and raised in New Ginue where the white man will eat you. He was 16th Batallion. He was stationed in Aultsralia. I hope that you read my blogs if you still need to delete them which hurts my feelings by the way. They have a Restorative Justice Program. Men with Disabilities are Victims of Domestic Abuse too Axis... You're Music and Lyrics the movie...

Warm Fuzzies,

The Ferminator

Michael said...

I've heard of "Shithead" as a name. I thought it was pronounced "Shi-teed."

On a side note, a friend of my wife's once worked with a girl named "Placenta." Her mother heard it in the hospital, and thought it was pretty...