Habeas Corpus and Guantanamo Bay

Today we saw the absence of habeas corpus in action. By removing the right of habeas corpus from prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, Congress has made sure there is no way for U.S. courts to review the legitimacy of their detention.

Wow! Destroying the right of habeas corpus! That's one for the history books all right. But no one will be applauding in five years about what you've done. It will be a source of eternal shame and cause of apologies.

Of course, the Congresspeople involved will just blame Bush et. al. like they do now about Iraq. Where's a good spine when you need one?


Jandi for The Fuzz said...

It's always easier to blame "Bush"

Jean-Baptiste Perrin said...

The more interesting thing, I believe, is the reason why the habeas corpus has been lifted...